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Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Cheats for PS2

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  - Cheats -  

Go to options at the main menu and go to the password screen there.
Result Cheat Code
snow man getheadm
bunny ears getheadl
pumpkin head getheadk
Yellow Smile getheadj
chrome haveyouseenthisboy
Flaming heads trythisathome
no damage ontheroad
roar Rjnr
gravity (arcade mode) works with roar and argo hyperagro
zone allin
argo dfens
unlock almost everything urbansprawl
unlock all cities roadtrip
- $1 from Career Money rimbuk
+ $1 to Career Money kubmir

  - Unlockables -  

Unlock This How to Unlock
Cadillac Sixteen Get 100% Completion
Hotmatch Cuevito Motorcycle Win all of Phil's 4 races in career mode.
El Diablo Rigid beat vanessa three times in career mode
Nissan Skyline beat all 13 tuner race tournaments
Detroit Cop beat the game
Atlanta Cop beat the game
Four-Twelve Complete all 16 Exotic Races
Lambougini Mercialago Complete U.S. Champs Series (After Beating Detroit)
Cadillac Escalade esv win the second san diego tournament
Cadillac Escalade ext dub edition + $10,000 win hotlanta tournament in atlanta
Chrysler 300c dub edition win balboa park tournament in san diego
Flag Vinyls Find 12 hidden R* Collectables
R* License Plates Find 24 hidden R* Collectables
Race Starters as Riders Find 36 hidden R* Collectables
Skully Beat all the races for the Chopper of America Bike club to unlock a skully.
68 Corvette Stingray Beat All American Royalty races
Mercedes cl 55 amg Beat all the Luxury Races
1949 Chevy Fleetline Win Bad Boyz Tournament in Detroit
Naomi Bike Rider Outfit Beat Naomi in Atlanta
Phil Bike Rider Outfit Beat Phil in San Diego
Vito Bike Rider Outfit Beat Vito in San Diego
Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R Beat all 14 Sports Bike Races

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