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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Cheats for PS2

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  - Cheats -  

Unlocking All the Modes, Costumes, and Gallery (Japanese Version)
At the Start Menu, hold down L1, L2, R1, R2 and rotate the left analog stick until you hear Devil May Cry.

  - Unlockables -  

Unlock This How to Unlock
Hard Complete Normal
Dante Must Die Complete Hard
Heaven or Hell Complete Dante Must Die
Gallery Complete Easy or Normal
Gallery update Complete Hard
Quicksilver style Defeat Greyon at the end of mission 12
Doppleganger style Defeat Shadow enemy at the end of mission 17


Obtained after defeating certain bosses, or found in certain places in the game.
Unlock This How to Unlock
Shotgun The shotgun is found hanging on the wall of the front bar in mission 3.
Artemis Found after inserting the last item into the statue in the Mute Goddess statue in mission 6.
Spiral Found on the platform in the Subterranean Lake in mission 9.
Kalina Ann Recieved from Lady after defeating her in mission 16.

Devil Arms

Obtained by defeating certain bosses at various points in missions or usable with a certain character or costume.
Unlock This How to Unlock
Cerberus Defeat Cerberus at the end of mission 3.
Agni&Rudra Defeat Agni and Rudra at the end of mission 5.
Nevan Defeat Nevan at the end of mission 9.
Beowulf Defeat Beowulf at the end of mission 11, and then pick the weapon up at the start of mission 14.
Force Edge Is usable with DMC1 Dante, Coatless DMC1 Dante and LDK after unlocking them.
Yamato Yamato is only usable when controlling Vergil in the boss fight in mission 19 after Dante is grabbed by the boss.

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