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  - Hints -  

Obtainable Facepaint and Uniforms

Most camos can be found lying in the Jungle at relatively well hidden locations. Some camos have to be downloaded using a network adaptor and a memory card.
Camo GrenadeDownload it to your memory card.
Camo MummyDownload it to your memory card.
Uniform OfficerSteal it from Raikov.
Uniform MaintenanceGroznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing in locker. Same time as the Sneaking Suit.
Uniform ScientistGiven to you by Eva.
Uniform Sneaking SuitGroznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing. In the locker with the red stripe.
Camo Ga-KoChyornyj Prud, underwater in northeast.
Camo SnowPeschera Cave, on the right branch before the Pain.
Camo WaterBolshaya Past Base.
Camo Chocolate ChipBolshaya Past South.
Camo SplitterBolshaya Past South.
Camo Rain DropDremuchij North, under the rope bridge on the far side.
Facepaint OyamaGraniny Gorky Lab, Exterior. In the air duct.
Facepaint DesertPonizovje Warehouse.
Facepaint Rain DropDremuchij North, under the rope bridge.
Facepaint KabukiTikhogornyj, at the bottom of the pool before the waterfall.
Facepaint ZombieDolinovodno during snake eater mission. Behind the building.
Facepaint SnowBolshaya Past Base, In the fox hole on the left side of the middle building
Spirit camouflageLast all the way through Sorrow's river
Infinity Face PaintBeat the game with the Foxhound Rank
The Sorrow's CamoWalk all the way to the end of the river
Fly CamouflageIn the third bathroom stall on the second floor of the building where Granin is (it's locked so break the door down).
Monkey MaskComplete every level in Snake vs. Monkeys
Facepaint WaterAfter talking to Granin and fighting The Fear, go all the way back to the beginning of Ponizovje South.

  - Unlockables -  

Unlock This Do This
The Boss UniformDefeat her by draining her Stamina only
Mechanic UniformIn Second Locker on Far Right in Groznjy Grad (Near the locker where you put Major Raikov at)
Sneaking SuitIn Locker you put Major Raikov in (Second time you go to Groznjy Grad)
Colt Single Action ArmyChoose the gun on the right during the final duel.
Extreme Difficulty ModeComplete the game once
PatriotComplete the game once
Tuxedo CamouflageComplete the game once
Banana CamouflageGet the highest record time in every stage of Snake vs. Monkey
Snake vs. Monkey levels 4 and 5Complete the game once
Intro movie on title screenComplete Virtuous Mission
Mosin NagantDefeat The End/MK22 only
Moss CamoDefeat The End by sneaking up behind him during battle and pointing a gun at him. He will lay on the ground. Point the gun at his head three times, aiming elsewhere when he speaks.
Stealth CamouflageFind and shoot all 64 Kerotan frogs that are scatter through out the whole game.

Boss Camo

Defeat certain bosses by lowering their stamina to zero using the tranquillizer. This unlocks special camos that give you specific abiilites.
Unlock Do This
AnimalsBeat Ocelot
Hornet StripeBeat The Pain
SpiderBeat The Fear
Cold WarBeat Volgen
SnakeBeat The Boss
MossHold up The End
FireBeat The Fury

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