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The Sims 2

The Sims 2 Cheats for PC


Released: 09/14/2004
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To enter cheats press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+C all at once. These are case-sensitive:
Result Cheat Code
Add 1,000 money Kaching
Expands or contracts the cheat window expand
Turns moving of objects on moveObjects on
Turns moving of objects off moveObjects off
Turns aging of sims on aging -on
Turns aging of sims off aging -off
Turns game autoupdate on autoPatch -on
Turns game autoupdate off autoPatch -off
Make you set the game speed (# = 0 to 8, 0 is normal) slowMotion [value] =
Lists all the cheats in the game help
Displays specific information about the cheat help [cheat name]
Closes the cheat window exit
Removes every sim from the neighborhood deleteAllCharacters
Toggles between two terrain typesTerrainType desert/temperate
Make you set the game speed. (# = 0 to 8, 0 is normal) slowMotion #
Turns Postprocessing on. boolProp enablePostProcessing true
Turns Postprocessing off. boolProp enablePostProcessing false
Sitcom flashback blur effect (# = 0.0 to 1.0) (require postprocessing on) bloom rgb #
Blurry bits at the edge of the screen. (# = 0.0 to 1.0) (require postprocessing on) vignette # # #
Makes the screen grainy. (# = 0.0 to 1.0) (require postprocessing on) filmGrain #
Adds a letterbox effect to the view. (# = 0.0 to 0.4) (require postprocessing on) letterBox #

Neighborhood Only Cheats
Result Cheat Code
At neighborhood view only, removes every Sim from the neighborhood. deleteAllCharacters
Only for use in neighborhood view, toggles between the two terrain types. TerrainType (desert/temperate)

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