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The Incredibles Cheats for GameCube


Released: 10/31/2004
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Result Cheat Code
Makes game 20% easier BOAPLACE
One hit kills KRONOS
Speeds up gameplay SASSMODE
Destroys everything nearby SMARTBOMB
Restores 25% health UUDDLRLRBAS
infinate incredi-power to mr incredible or elastagirl MCTRAVIS
temporary infinite incredi-power while playing as dash DASHLIKES
easier game BOAPLACE
henchmen always launch death shrapnel DANDRUFF
battle mode unlocked ROTAIDALG
deactivate all codes THEDUDEABIDES
same effect as dashlikes danieltheflash
dash not hurt when running into objects gilgendash
health appaers more often tonyloaf
slowmotiongame BWTHEMOVIE
horizontal camera control switched invertcameraX
vertical camera control switched invertcameraY
small head mode deevolve
toggle hud Bhud
on nomasian island and the firepitlab, the turrets(shooting mechanism) controls are reversed invertturret
some objects flash different colors discorules
Brightness/bright colors EMODE
introduction sequence HI
credits sequence YOURNAMEINLIGHTS
Elastigirl gets infinite incredi-power FLEXIBLE
Mr. Incredible gets infinite incredi-power SHOWTIME
Shoot out laser for a short period of time GAZERBEAM
make bombs weaker labombe
Level Select SpringBreak
Health remains constant Pinkslip

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