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Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Cheats for GameCube


Released: 07/29/2003
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PAL Version Codes

These codes will only work with the PAL versions.
Result Cheat Code
Nintendo Australia Open (Blooper Bay) RNLEGM2M
K-Zone Cup (Lakitu Valley) UN7N84JN
TV Hits Tour (Shifting Sands) T53534K2
Nintendo Official Magazine (UK) Competition 36NH7XNG

Unlock Stages

Hold Z and Start at the title screen. Go to Password Tournaments.
Result Cheat Code
Hollywood Video Tour BJGQBULZ
Camp Hyrule Tournament 0EKW5G7U
Peach's Castle Grounds Course ELBUT3PX
Target Tour Tournament CEUFPXJ1
Bowser Badlands Tour 9L3L9KHR
Bowser Jr.'s Jumbo Tourney 2GPL67PN

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